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Calling all wig lovers, this one’s for you! You all know the struggle of blending in a lace wig with your natural skin tone and sometimes it just does not look cute. The lace used to create wigs has such a weird tone that it never really matches anyone’s skin tone. Usually wigs have a lace that is ashy and unnatural, especially on darker skin tones. Because there is no tone match between the lace and your skin tone, the lace front is quite visible. That is exactly why all the By Olivia Hines wigs come with a transparent HD lace only.


But what do you do about the lace wigs you already own? Do you stop wearing them just because they don’t blend in well? We’ve got the perfect solution for this problem! Our lace tint spray is the product you’ve been looking for; a tint especially designed to ensure the lace on wigs matches your skin tone.


We know that wigs should mimic the look of a natural scalp and we are also aware of the fact that most wigs don’t offer that feature. Our lace tint will eliminate that white halo around frontals which appears in pictures or when exposed to very bright light. With this product, you can achieve a realistic, flawless finish with any lace wig in your collection.


To enjoy an undetectable wig install, all you need to do is tint the lace with by Olivia Hines lace tint and you are good to go! The product can be used for lace wigs, lace closures and lace frontals. We’ve got a solid range of undertones to pick from, so you are bound to find something that matches. Each of the lace tint shade varies in tones and undertones, which can be a crucial factor for getting the most realistic looking wig.
Each shade is buildable to create your own custom tone as well. Does it get better than this?
So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on By Olivia Hines lace tint spray; they will make your wig game so much better!





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