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To Keep your hair or Lace Units tangle free we advise to use a wide tooth comb be sure to detangle your hair working from the ends to the roots. Start at the ends first and work your way up. Detangling this way will minimise the amount of strands lost, and makes detangling an easy process.


Washing & Conditioning


Never use extremely hot water because it can cause the unit to dry out. Always use either cool or lukewarm water. Wet the Hair first. Smooth the shampoo onto the Hair from roots to ends. Rinse with cool or lukewarm water. Repeat. Conditioner to be applied in the same manner. Be sure to rinse all the product out of the hair.

After every wash and condition apply hair serum whilst the hair is still damp before leaving it to air-dry or blow- dry when needed on a low heat, this will add moisture and shine. Remember not to use excessive amounts of serum as this will weigh the hair down and make it look greasy. Your unit can now be styled either still on a mannequin head, or when applied.

As conditioning is very important in maintaining healthy hair, we recommend that you deep condition your hair once a month by leaving in an instance conditioner for 2 hours.




All hot tools curling wands, tongs and straighteners can be used on all our wigs just remember to deep Condition the hair as this causes the hair to dry out. Avoid products containing alcohol as this leaves the hair feeling dry and causes damage.

Make sure you restore the moisture in your hair and never allow it to get dry. This will prevent your hair from tangling and getting split ends.